Trade Show Presenter

Utilizing a professional trade show presenter, trade show emcee, moderator or game show host gathers a crowd, embeds your brand’s messaging more deeply, and increases qualified conversations and show-attributed deals.

To optimally leverage your event marketing program, collaborate with Don Colliver as trade show presenter to convert distracted prospects into your next eager qualified leads.

  • Maximize your trade show investment

    • Harness two decades of experience with brands including HP, IBM, Starbucks, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, Nike, Toyota and General Motors

    • Utilize elite-level engagement experience from Cirque du Soleil, Second City and Blue Man Group to deliver your brand’s messaging, story and presentation

    • Use a deep repertoire of audience engagement and infotainer tactics to achieve your goals

  • Maximize your valuable time

    • Deal with a savvy, twenty-year veteran marketing event producer

    • Painless travel to all convention centers, including Las Vegas, Orlando, San Francisco, Chicago and New York

    • Numerous testimonials and accolades including those for Production Excellence: Most Humorous Program and as a finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking

  • Maximize marketing ROI

    • Increase qualified prospect conversations and actionable leads

    • Grow trade show-attributed deals and revenue to expand your event budget

    • No agency fees

    • Discounted rates for multi-show bookings

    • Free equipment rental


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