Don pulled attendees into our booth with his dynamic humor and approachability! He’s an excellent representative of our brand and a breeze to work with. I highly recommend him!
— Caroline Kinlin, Marketing Director, Varonis Systems

Don Colliver: Trade Show Presenter

Bottom line:

A professional trade show presenter attracts more attendees, embeds your brand’s messaging more deeply, and drives more traffic into your sales funnel.

To optimally leverage your upcoming trade show footprint, hire Don Colliver as trade show presenter to convert distracted prospects into your next eager qualified leads.

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Why collaborate with Don Colliver as your trade show presenter?

trade show presenter, Don Colliver at the LA Home Show
  • Gather higher numbers of qualified leads

    • Benefit from Don's dynamic crowd gathering skills, thanks to experience with Cirque du Soleil, Second City and Blue Man Group
  • Enhance your brand presence

    • Utilize a playful, charming and engaging face of your brand in your exhibit to promote your brand’s messaging, story and presentation

    • Harness two decades of experience with brands including HP, IBM, Starbucks, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, Nike, Toyota and General Motors
  • Enjoy zero hassle

    • As a twenty-year veteran marketing event producer, Don understands what you’re dealing with!
    • Easy booking and billing
    • Painless travel to all convention centers, including Las Vegas, Orlando, San Francisco, Chicago and New York
    • Numerous testimonials and accolades including those for Production Excellence: Most Humorous Program and an Ex Award for Best Event-Related Web Site
  • Maximize marketing ROI

    • No agency fees
    • Discounted rates for multi-show bookings
    • Free equipment rental
  • Benefit from fresh, proven trade show marketing ideas

    • A deep repertoire of audience engagement and infotainer tactics to achieve your goals: from games to giveaways, and from moderating to music
    • Benefit from Don's story writing and producing background for more than 300 hours of broadcast television for networks including Discovery, HGTV, TLC and Food Network
    • Pre-event services include:
      • Presentation script writing and editing
      • Cirque to Work™ booth staff training
      • Video production and interviews
 Trade show presenter Don Colliver narrating the presentation in the booth on the expo floor at RSA Conference, San Francisco, 2017.

Don Colliver: Trade Show Presenter

For verticals ranging from technology, to medical, to manufacturing, for next level engagement and maximum ROI, hire Don Colliver as trade show presenter, emcee, host or moderator at your next trade show, conference, convention, corporate live event, meeting or expo.

See you on the trade show floor!