Don’s booth staff workshop was a game-changer! Our team took away best practices we could immediately put into action that will absolutely create a measurable impact in our show’s ROI. Hire Don to train your booth staff! Also, be prepared that you will want to sign up for an improv class after. :)


Kimberly Nielsen

Director of Business Development

booth staff training at dremio

Don helped us smash all previous lead records as presenter- he's great! Don's extremely booth-savvy and easy to work with, plus his spontaneous humor and genuine attendee engagement brings in qualified leads all day long. A great booth asset for qualified lead gen and messaging delivery- highly recommended!

Pure Storage

Deb Kowalski

Sr. Event Manager

Hire this guy to write your trade show presentations! Don took our marketing and sales materials and efficiently created a prospect-engagement focused booth presentation with a generous dose of humor. Don really made my part of the script writing process effortless. Hire Don!


Carey Thiels

Director, Marketing

Professional trade show presenter Don Colliver with Pure Storage at Strata Data

I highly recommend Don! He understood and embodied our marketing goals, amplified our messaging, and helped us clarify and maximize our trade show strategy. A true partner who listened to our story and framed it in an easy to understand manner with a touch of much needed and appreciated humor!


Kelly Vroom

Senior VP, Rev Cycle Mgmt

Don did an awesome job for us at Strata Data! He was on point with Pure's messaging and drew lots of attention to our booth. Don will make you second guess how good you are at your own messaging because he will probably do it better than you! I highly recommend Don to be your messenger at any trade show!

Pure Storage

Nick Hernandez

Systems Engineer

Professional trade show presenter Don Colliver with Panasonic at CES

Don blended in perfectly with our product team, embodied our messaging, and communicated it to attendees in an extremely compelling way. A great face for our brand. Highly recommended.

Pure Storage

Lou Lydiksen

Product Manager

Don is an amazing speaking coach! He helped me immensely with audience engagement and presentation content. I’m a more powerful and confident speaker thanks to Don!


Ali Agah

Assoc. Director of Research

Don engages people and keeps them engaged, and that's valuable. Don worked closely with our team to quickly understand our messaging and never stopped working to refine it over time. We trusted Don to do the work of engaging qualified newcomers while making sure to keep everything moving well. I absolutely recommend him. 

Varonis Systems

Brian Vecci

Field CTO

In our challenging environment with tons of distractions, Don grabbed audience attention and kept attendees engaged and laughing—while keeping the show moving. His quick wit humor and rapport with large audiences make him a great match with our brand. Plus, he developed and performed original, hilarious, theme-appropriate character hosts for each show!  We loved him and so did our sponsors. I highly recommended Mr. Colliver for any host gig he’s exploring!

TIL Events

Steve Allison


trade show booth staff training

Whoa! Don's Engagement Workshop for Trade Show Booth Staff was awesome. Totally pushed my limits, and I took away real suggestions that will lead to measurable improvement on the show floor. Hire this guy to train your booth staff!

Mountain Rose

Mason Hutchison

Events and Outreach Coordinator

Professional trade show presenter Don Colliver with Atos at AHIMA

Who would’ve thought that such profound insight could come from such playful fun! Don’s booth staff workshop got us energized and out of our comfort zone to discover actionable communication take-aways, like the 4 A’s of active listening. Highly recommended!


Manoj Rawat

Enterprise Data Manager

Don's engaging and charismatic delivery drew qualified prospects to our booth! Many stayed as they were thoroughly engaged and wanted to know more. Don amplified our messaging and was a real asset to our marketing approach. We received a significant amount of positive feedback and look forward to working with Don again!


Lou Lorenzano

Client Relations