Life changing. Revelatory. I am hard pressed to remember when I’ve experienced that much gleeful joy in a learning situation.
— Student
Photo by Kevin Krieger

Utilizing the clown foundations of connection, vulnerability and play, Don Colliver gently encourages students to drop their everyday masks to reveal their emotional truth... and their undiscovered power. 

Using a unique combination of clowning, UCB game and sketch structure, Commedia del Arte, and emotional state work, Don's workshops provide a fun, silly and safe environment for students at all levels of experience to find their own unique game with their audience.

Through seemingly simple solo and group exercises, participants will tumble out the other side with a realization that their own personal vulnerability can be their most powerful tool. 

Photo by Kevin Krieger

In more advanced workshops, Don leads performance students on the tightrope between left brain and right brain, combining rigorous 3-beat sketch structure and emotional, free-associative clown work.

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