I am a brand storyteller.

Using all mediums, I clarify and articulate a brand’s most authentic, human and transformative point of view.

I’m passionate about translating complex topics into captivating stories of humanity that bring people closer together.

Click the links below to see my work.


Live Events: ObserveIt

Information Security Provider ObserveIT took a huge gamble on a massive, two-story booth at the world’s largest information security conference. Click to see how I helped ObserveIt make a bold brand statement communicating and connecting with their audience in a way that felt human and authentic.


Video: General Motors

After years of battering by foreign auto manufacturers, GM found itself in a dire situation: relate to the younger generation, or die. On the occasion of its 100 year anniversary, GM took a chance with a groundbreaking and daring content marketing initiative. Click to see how I helped reach the coveted digital youth demographic market with a bold, breakthrough set of content marketing videos.


Experiential: ExhibitorLive

Dealing with brand event staff that do not engage with attendees has been a problem for as long as brands have sponsored events. Enter ExhibitorLive, the professional development conference for trade show and corporate event marketing. Click to see how I developed and delivered Marketing Manager training to address this age-old problem.


Web Content: Cirque to Work

As a newcomer in the “trade show presenter” SERP landscape, new company Cirque to Work faced entrenched competitors each with over a decade’s worth of keyword-optimized content. Click through to see how I utilized organic SEO, paid search and thought leadership blogging to achieve 1st place in Google results.


Live Events: Novo Nordisk

Diabetes is not fun to talk about, but Novo Nordisk needed to start the conversation. Read how I led cross-functional stakeholder team collaboration with the IndyCar race series, corporate, agencies and contractors on-site across America to introduce Novo Nordisk’s ground-breaking insulin pen delivery system to their target demographic through an innovative experiential marketing campaign.


Video: Starbucks

Sure, Starbucks is a great place for baristas to obtain benefits as they attend school, but what about C-suite executives? Check out how I helped Starbucks attract prime C-level candidates to much needed executive positions with a set of uniquely stylized online videos.


Live Events: Trustwave

In 2018, Trustwave marketing managers had a much larger trade show budget, a brand new booth design, and a lot of pressure to show ROI. See how I acted as trusted advisor and helped them surpass all previous trade show KPI records with booth flow consultation and next level prospect engagement.


Live Events: Cirque du Soleil/ Blue Man Group

Stepping in and embodying an established and beloved brand is a huge privilege, and a huge responsibility. Click through to see how I became the iconic Blue Man character in New York City and the clown host of the Cirque show “Empire” on its North American tour.


Video: IBM

With a business far from away the consumer, IBM lacked relevance and had zero presence in the contemporary online dialogue regarding corporate social responsibility. Click below to see how I helped put IBM back into the cultural conversation with stylized infographic videos.


Video: Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray is a walking, talking brand gateway to the middle-aged female demographic, and her specific voice and point-of-view is critical to maintain her appeal. Take a look at one of the episodes from the 2 seasons of “$40 a Day with Rachael Ray” that I wrote and directed.


Live Events: Pure Storage

A relatively new player in the big data analytics and AI space, Pure Storage faced a challenge with how to communicate its storage solution benefits to a new audience: Data Scientists. See how I helped Pure connect with their prospects through trade show presentation writing and highly engaged delivery.