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•Communicate Pure Storage’s enterprise storage solution benefits to Data Scientists, a demographic that historically does not interface directly with storage


•Wrote and edited presentation featuring innovative “data hero” concept, making prospects the focus of the show, and communicating the personal and professional benefits of recommending the Pure Storage solution to their storage architects

•Consulted on content strategy, booth flow and prospect engagement tactics

•Delivered technical details of presentation while engaging personally with prospects, embodying the brand messaging, and encouraging deeper engagement with sales technicians


•More than tripled trade show lead generation goals

•”Don helped us smash all previous lead records as presenter! Don's extremely booth-savvy and easy to work with, plus his spontaneous humor and genuine attendee engagement brings in qualified leads all day long. A great booth asset for qualified lead gen and messaging delivery- highly recommended!” -Deb Kowalski, Senior Event Manager

•”Don was on point with Pure's messaging and drew lots of attention to our booth. He will make you second guess how good you are at your own messaging because he will probably do it better than you!” -Nick Hernandez, Technical Sales Engineer