Who would’ve thought that such profound insight could come from such playful fun! ‘Cirque to Work’ got us energized and out of our comfort zone to discover actionable communication take-aways. Highly recommended!
— Manoj Rawat, Enterprise Data Manager
Don Colliver training corporate employees for effective communication and listening skills.

Effective Business Communication

In today’s social media-shaped world of abbreviated interactions, effective business, corporate and marketing communication is more challenging than ever. Cirque to Work is a customizable set of participatory workshops for effective communication development for professional groups of 10 to 30.

These workshops utilize innovative, clown-influenced and research-based exercises, activities and discussion to help participants develop increased rapport and engagement in their communication, resulting in increased authenticity, better listening and cohesive team building.


In these communication skills development and team building workshops, participants will:

  • Strengthen their one-on-one and group communication skills to increase job efficiency
  • Learn active listening techniques to develop sensitivity and communication effectiveness
  • Increase authenticity in day-to-day situations by safely moving out of their comfort zones
  • Become more effective in real-life business situations through role-playing exercises
  • Take away specific techniques for resolving problematic communication situations
  • Gain clearer understanding, trust and cohesion with their co-workers for increased productivity

These workshops are presented by Don Colliver, a Cirque du Soleil partner clown and Blue Man Group performer, with over 20 years of experience in corporate marketing with companies including IBM, General Motors, Nike, Starbucks and Novo Nordisk.

Team building with Cirque to Work corporate engagement training.